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Equilibrium and Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics - Balescu

Elementary principles of statistical mechanics - Gibbs, J.W.

Geometry and Astronomy-Helge Kragh

Pre-Einstein Speculations of Non-Euclidean Space


Eight Lectures on Thoerotical Physics - Max Plank

Nikola Tesla 's Books

1. The Problem Of Increasing Human Energy
2. My Inventions ( Autobiography )
3.The Inventions Researches and Writings of Nikola Tesla             (With spacial references to his work poly phase current and high potential lightning)
4. Experiments with Alternate Currents of high Potential and High Frequency

Adding more books soon.... Prodigal Genius : The Life of Nikola Tesla—Inventor Extraordinary 
John J. O'Neill, 1943

Lightning in His Hand : The Life Story of Nikola Tesla
Inez Hunt and Wanetta W. Draper

Tesla — Man Out of Time
Margaret Cheney

Wizard — The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla
Mark Seifer

Nikola Tesla — A Spark of Genius
Carol Dommermuth-Costa

Nikola Tesla — Correspondence with RelativesNikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla Correspondence — Microfilm Prints
Nikola Tesla

Tesla — The Lost Inventions
George Trinkaus

Nikola Tesla's Residences, Laboratories, and Offices
Leland I. Anderson

Dr. Nikola Tesla Bibliography
Leland Anderson & John Ratzlaff

Nikola Tesla Museum

The Orders From Nikola Tesla Legacy…

An introduction to fluid dynamics - G.K. Batchelor

Quantum Gravity, Generalized Theory of Gravitation, and Superstring Theory-based Unification - Mintz,Perlmutter

Quantum Electrodynamics - 3rd ed., - W. Greiner, J. Reinhardt

Introduction to Quantum Electrodynamics - C. Cohen-Tannoudji

The Hidden Reality - Brian Greene

Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of cosmos


Physics in Context: The forces of life

Dictionary of Physics : S to Z

scalar a physical quantity that has magnitude but not direction scintillation flashes of light arising from the impact of high-energy particles (alpha particles) on a crystalline material second the unit of time secondary the output winding of a transformer semiconductor a material in which the resistance decreases as its temperature rises; its resistivity is higher than that of a conductor but lower than that of a resistor semiconductor, n-type a semiconductor in which 1 atom in a hundred thousand has been replaced by an element with 1 more electron than the base material semiconductor, p-type a semiconductor in which 1 atom in a hundred thousand has been replaced by an element with 1 less electron than the base material series circuit a circuit in which the components form a single conducting path shell burning a phase in a star’s life during which the fusion processes occur in a hot shell around an inert core that has not yet reached a high enough temperature for the next fusion process to start sh…

Dictionary of Physics : M to R

magnet, hard magnetic materials that do not lose their magnetism easily when the source of magnetism is removed, e.g. steel magnet, soft magnetic materials that are easy to magnetise but rapidly lose their magnetism; these are often used in electromagnets, e.g. iron magnetic field a region in which a magnetic force can be detected magnetic flux the lines of flux in a region of a magnetic field magnetic force a force due to the motion of a charged particle in a magnetic field magnetic levitation the use of the force between two opposing magnets to lift a body magnetic moment the small magnetic field produced by a spinning nucleus magnetic poles the points (north, south) of maximum magnetic flux magnetic resonance imaging the proton distribution in the body using strong imaging (MRI) magnetic fields and radiofrequency signals magnetopause the region separating the extended solar magnetic field (solar wind) from the Earth’s magnetosphere magnetosphere the region close to a planet that is dominated by…