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Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy I The Motion of Bodies - I. Newton

Differential Geometry - Analysis and Physics - J. Lee

Chaos - Classical and Quantum - P. Civitanovic

Lecture Notes on General Relativity - S. Carroll

The Special and General Theory of Relativity - A. Einstein

Introduction To General Relativity - G. T.Hooft

Advanced General Relativity - J. Stewart

General Theory Of Relativity - Dirac, P A M

Semi-Riemannian Geometry and General Relativity - S. Sternberg

ABC Of Relativity 4th. revised ed. - B. Russell

Fundamentals of Computational Fluid Dynamics - H. Lomax, T. Pulliam, D. Zingg

Computer Algebra Recipes for Mathematical Physics - Enns

Computational Physics - M. Jensen

Computational Fluid Dynamics - Principles and Applications - J. Blazek