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QED,The Strange Theory of Light and Matter - R. Feynman

Evaporation, Boiling Point And Transfer Of Heat

Factors Affecting On And Application Of Heat Transfers

Force on a current carrying conductor placed in a magnetic field

Formation of images and mirror formula

Graphical analysis of motion

Mass Of Earth And Variation Of 'g'

Mirrors and formation of images

Equilibrium, Centre Of Gravity And States Of Equilibrium

Equilibrium And Conditions Of Equilibrium

Energy dissipation and Joules law

Electric charge production and detection

Earth and space

Coulombs law

Characteristics of sound

Capacitance and capacitor

Acceleration And Equation of Motion



Class XI - XII :Students Learning Outcomes S.L.Os.

Physics Students Learning Outcomes S.L.Os. For Classes XI and XII Revised Edition 2012 Aga Khan University Examination Board ( A.K.U.E.B)



If the length and diameter of conductor is double, the       resistance is
      a) Remain same                  b) Double                           c) Half                                d) Four time

    The reciprocal of resistivity is called
a)Resistance              b)Conduction             c)Conductivity            d)None
 One coulomb per second is equal to
a)Joule                      b)Volt                        c)Ampere       d)Walt
 In the metallic conductor the current is due to flow of charge
a)Positive                  b)Negative                 c)Proton        d)None