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Nikola Tesla 's Books

            (With spacial references to his work poly phase current and high potential lightning)

Adding more books soon....

Prodigal Genius : The Life of Nikola Tesla—Inventor Extraordinary 
John J. O'Neill, 1943

Lightning in His Hand : The Life Story of Nikola Tesla
Inez Hunt and Wanetta W. Draper

Tesla — Man Out of Time
Margaret Cheney

Wizard — The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla
Mark Seifer

Nikola Tesla — A Spark of Genius
Carol Dommermuth-Costa

Nikola Tesla — Correspondence with RelativesNikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla Correspondence — Microfilm Prints
Nikola Tesla

Tesla — The Lost Inventions
George Trinkaus

Nikola Tesla's Residences, Laboratories, and Offices
Leland I. Anderson

Dr. Nikola Tesla Bibliography
Leland Anderson & John Ratzlaff

Nikola Tesla Museum  

The Orders From Nikola Tesla Legacy  
Zorica Civric

Tesla — The Modern SorcererA biographical novel Daniel Blair Stewart

TESLA  Master of Lightning (hardcover, new)
Margaret Cheney & Robert Uth

Atlas Shrugged
Ayn Rand

Nikola Tesla — Genius Who Lit The World - 
Tesla Memorial Society; Ljubo Vujovic

Collected Articles of Nikola Tesla, Volume 1 --
Gary Peterson, Editor

Collected Articles of Nikola Tesla, Volume 2 --
Gary Peterson, Editor

Collected Articles of Nikola Tesla, Volume 3 --
Gary Peterson, Editor

Collected Articles of Nikola Tesla, Volume 4 --
Gary Peterson, Editor

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