November 03, 2012

Companion to J.D. Jackson's Classical Electrodynamics 3rd ed. - R. Magyar

A lot of things can be said about Classical Electrodynamics, the third
edition, by David J. Jackson. It’s seemingly exhaustive, well researched, and
certainly popular. Then, there is a general consensus among teachers that
this book is the definitive graduate text on the subject. In my opinion, this
is quite unfortunate. The text often assumes familiarity with the material,
skips vital steps, and provides too few examples. It is simply not a good
introductory text. On the other hand, Jackson was very ambitious. Aside
from some notable omissions (such as conformal mapping methods), Jackson
exposes the reader to most of classical electro-magnetic theory. Even Thomas
Aquinas would be impressed! As a reference, Jackson’s book is great!


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