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Projectile Motion (College Level)

Projectile is a body thrown with an initial velocity in the vertical plane and then it moves in two dimensions under the action of gravity alone without being propelled by any engine or fuel.Its motion is called projectile motion.The path of a projectile is called its trajectory. Examples: A packet released from an airplane in flight. A golf ball in flight. A bullet fired from a rifle. A jet of water from a hole near the bottom of a water tank. Projectile motion is a case of two-dimensional motion .Any case of two dimensional motion can be resolved into two cases of one dimensional motion -one along the x-axis and the other along the y-axis.The two cases can be studied separately as two cases of one dimensional motion.The results from two cases can be combined using vector algebra to see the net result What is import…

What are the uses of capacitor?

Ans:One of the most ubiquitous passive components used is the capacitor, found in nearly every electronic device ever made. Capacitors have a number of essential applications in circuit design, providing flexible filter options, noise reduction, power storage and sensing capabilities for designers.
Filter Applications
Combined with resistors, capacitors are often used as the main element of frequency selective filters. The available filter designsand topologies are numerous and can be tailored for frequency and performance by selecting the proper component values and quality. Some of the types of filter designs include: High Pass Filter (HPF) Low Pass Filter (LPF) Band Pass Filter (BPF) Band Stop Filter (BSF) Notch Filter All Pass Filter Equalization Filter
Decoupling/By-Pass Capacitors - Capacitors play a critical role in the stable operation of digital electronics by protecting sensitive microchips from noise on the power signal which can cause anomalous behaviors. Capacitors used in this app…