Physics Video Lectures For Class 12 | Second Year | Karachi Board | AKUEB | In Urdu

Chapter No.11 : Heat

I. Heat and Temperature
1. Classical Concepts about Heat 2. Modern Definition of Heat 3. Microscopic definition of heat 4. Definition of temperature 5. General formula for the temperature conversion

II. Thermal Expansion
1. Linear Expansion 2. Volumetric Expansion 3.Relation between Coefficient of Linear and Volumetric Expansion

III.Gas Laws
1. Boyle's Law 2. Charles Law 3. General Gas Law or General Gas Equation

IV.Interpretation Of Pressure and Temperature (KMT)
1.What is Meant by Root Mean Square velocity? 2. Relation between Temperature and Average Kinetic Energy of Molecule. 3. Effect of Pressure on Gases on the basis of Kinetic Molecular Theory 4. Effect of Temperature on Gases on the basis of Kinetic Molecular Theory

V. Postulates of K.M.T and Verification of Gas Laws
1. Postulates of Kinetic Molecular Theory of Gases 2. Verification of Boyle's Law and Charles law on the basis of Kinetic Molecular Theory.

VI. Thermodynamics & Work done in Thermodynamics
1. Definition of Thermodynamics 2. Derivation of Work done in Thermodynamics (Isobaric Process)

VII. First Law of Thermodynamics & its Applications
1. Statement of First Law of Thermodynamics 2. Applications of First Law of Thermodynamics i. Isobaric Process ii. Isochoric Process iii. Isothermal Process iv. Adiabatic Process

VIII. Carnot Engine and Carnot Cycle
1. Explanation of Carnot Engine 2. Explanation of Carnot Cycle i. Isothermal Expansion ii. Adiabatic Expansion iii.Isothermal Compression iv. Adiabatic Compression 3. Efficiency of Carnot Engine

IX. 2nd Law of Thermodynamics
1. Kelvin's Statement of 2nd law of thermodynamics 2. Clausius Statement of 2nd law of thermodynamics 3. Equivalence of Kelvin-Clausius Statement

X. Relation between Cp and Cv

1. Cp - Cv = R 2. Cp > Cv


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