Physics Video Lectures For Class 10 | Sindh Board | AKUEB | In Urdu

Chapter No.1 : Introduction

1.Introduction to Physics 2. Branches of Physics

1. Ibne-Al-Haitham(965-1039 A.D) 2. Al-Beruni 3. Yaqub Al Kindi: 4. Dr. Abdus Salam: 5. Dr. Abdul qadeer khan:

Chapter No.2 : Measurements

1. Physical and Non Physical Quantities 2. Basic / Fundamental Quantities 3. Derived Quantities with examples 4. Conversions of length , mass and time.

Errors and its types i. Personal Error ii. Systematic Error iii. Random Error 2. Rules for counting significant figures

Chapter No.3 : Kinematics of Linear Motion

1. Definition of Rest with Examples 2. Definition of Motion with Examples 3. Types of Motion with Examples

Definition , formula,nature and unit of ; 1. Displacement 2. Speed 3.Velocity(Uniform and Variable) 4. Acceleration(Uniform and Variable)

7. Derivations of Equations of Motion
1. First equations of motion(vf=vi + at) 2. Second equations of motion (s=vit + 1/2 at^2) 3.Third equations of motion ( 2as=Vf^2 - Vi^2)

Chapter No.4 : Force and Motion

1. Newton's First law of motion Or Law of Inertia
2. Newton's Second Law of Motion and Definition of Force
3. Newton's Third Law of Motion Or Law of Action and Reaction

1. Definition of Tension
2. When both bodies move vertically
3. When one body moved vertically and one on horizontal surface


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