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XII Physics : Sample Practical Activities Part 1

For Aga Khan Board


Topic 11: Electrostatics

1. 11.7.3 Determine the relation between current and capacitance when different capacitors are used in AC circuit using different series and parallel combinations of capacitors.AC milliammeter, AC voltmeter,capacitors of different, capacitances,step-down transformer, sand paper,connecting wires.

Topic 12: Current Electricity

3. 12.2.5 Determine resistance of voltmeter by drawing graph between (R) and (I/V).Voltmeter, resistance box, two keys,sand paper, connecting wires, graphpaper.

4. 12.3.5 Investigate the relationship between current passing through a tungsten filament lamp and the potential applied across it. 36W, 12 Volt car bulb, bulb holder, 12 volt battery, high resistance rheostat,voltmeter, ammeter, key, sand paper,connecting wires.

Topic 17: Electronics

10. 17.4.2 Verify truth table for logic gates. DC power supply, OR, AND, NOR, NAND, NOT gates, LED indicator module, two key plugs, connecting wires.

11. 17.4.3 Make burglar alarm using NAND gate. Two NAND gates, two resistance of
100k , electronic bell, connecting wires, power supply 5V DC, key plugs.

Topic 18: Dawn of Modern Physics

13. 18.3.5 Study of the variation of electric current with intensity of light using a photocell. Photocell, galvanometer, battery, rheostat, key, electric bulb with case, connecting wires.


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In  this  configuration  the  input  is  applied  between the  base  and  the  collector and  the  output  is  taken  from  the  collector  and  the  emitter.  Here  the  collector  is common to both the input and the output circuits as shown in Fig.

  Common Collector Transistor Circuit

In  common  collector  configuration  the  input  current  is  the  base current  IB  and  the output current is the emitter current IE. The ratio of change in emitter current to the  change in the base current is called current amplification factor.

It is represented by


A test  circuit  for determining the  static characteristic  of an NPN transistor is shown in Fig. In this circuit the collector is common to both the input and the output circuits.   To   measure   the   base   and   the   emitter   currents,   milli   ammeters   are connected in series with the base and the emitter circuits. Voltmeters are connected   across the input an…

XII - Ch# 12 : Electrostatics :Solved Numericals

Solution Manual : Mathematical methods for physicists 5th edition Arfken and Weber

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