XI Physics : Sample Practical Activities Part 1

For Aga Khan Board


Topic 1: Measurement
1. 1.5.2 Determine the capacity and thickness of a test tube by using Vernier callipers. Vernier callipers, test tube.

2. 1.5.2 Measure the diameter of few ball bearings of different sizes using screw gauge and estimate their volumes.Screw gauges, steel ball bearings.

3. 1.5.2 Determine the radius of curvature of any spherical surface by using aspherometer.Spherometer, convex or concave lens/mirror.

Topic 2: Vectors and Equilibrium

4. 2.3.1
Determine the weight of a body by vector addition of forces.(Parallelogram Method)Gravesand’s apparatus, slotted weights,thread nos., plane mirror strip.

5. 2.7.2 Verify the two conditions of equilibrium using a suspended meter rod.Meter scales, hangers, slotted weights, stand.

Topic 3: Motion and Force
6. 3.3.1
Measure the free fall time of a ball using a ticker-timer and hence calculate the value of ‘g’. Ticker-tape vibrator, roll of ticker-tape, steel ball, transformer, sellotape.


  1. Can you please provide the remaining topics practicle sample


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