October 26, 2012

CHAPTER 1: Measurements

1,  In high energy physics scientist study:
      a,         matter        b,         big particles
      c,         elementary d,         ions

2,  Wave theory of light was presented by:
      a,         Newton      b,         Maxwell
      c,         Compton    d,         Huygens

3,  Natural Radioactivity was disobeyed by Decree in.
a,         1976.         b,         1896.
c,         1996.         d,         1916.

4,   X – rays were discovered by,

a,   J.J. Thomson. 
b,   Crooks.
c,   Lorenz.           
d,   Roentgen.

5,   The circumference of the earth was determined by,
      a,   Albernie.
      b,   Al – Khawririmi.
      c,   Omer Khayyam,
      d,   Ibn – al – Haitiam.

6,   The pioneers of physics are
      a,   Greeks                  
      b,   Egyptians              
      c,   Babylonians          
      d,   Chinese                 
7,   which one of the following is not a unit of length

a,   Angstrom        
b,   Micron

c,   Radian

d,   Light year       

8,   Which one of the following is not regarded as a fundamental quantity in physics         

a,   Length                      
b,   Mass                        
c,   Time                        

d,   Weight                     

9,   Zero is significant only if it                     

a,   Lies to the left of a significant digit  
b,   is between two digits
c,   is to the right of a significant digit     
d,   is before the decimal point               

10, A Second is defined as the duration of vibration of       

      a,   Carbon atom            

b,   Cesium atom            

c,   Radium atom           
d,   Nitrogen atom          
11, The dimension of the following pair is not the same        

a,   work & energy       
b,   work and torque     
c,   Momentum & impulse                 

d,   Mass & moment of inertia

10, The decimal system was introduced by                        

a,   Greeks                                         
b,   Egyptians                                     
c,   Chinese                                        

d,   Indians                                         

11, The unit of Plank’s constant is           

a,   Joule /sec                                     

b,   Joule x sec                                   

c,   Joule x m                                     
d,   Joule / m

12, The error in measurement may occur due to

a,   inexperience of a person
b,   The faulty apparatus
c,   Inappropriate method
d,   Due to all reasons in a, b and c

13, In any measurement the significant figures are

a,   all accurately known and all doubtful digits
b,   only accurately known digits
c,   only doubtful digits
      d,   all accurately know digits and the first doubtful digit

14, A digit zero in a measurement

a,   may be significant may not significant
b,   always significant
c,   always insignificant
d,   significant only if left to a significant figure

15. Which one is the highest power multiple?

a,   giga                  b,         beta
c,   mega                d,         deca

16, Unit of G is ?

a,   Nm2 kg2           b,         N m2 kg
c,   N m2 kg-2          d,         none

17, The unit of force is ___________ and its symbol is _____________ which is the correct pair?

      a,  Newton, n        b,         Newton, N
c,   newton, n         d,         newton, N

.18,      Which one is the correct representation of the unit of pressure?

a    Newton/Meter2
b,   newton/meter2
c,   Newton/meter2
d,   Newton/Meter2

19,  1024 can be written in scientific notation as
     a,     1.024x 103       b,         210
c,   0.000976                     d,         1/0300097

20.  Number of significant figures in 0.0173 are

a,   Three               b,         four
c,    five                 d,         two

21.  The dimension of force is

a,   MLT-1               b,         MLT-2
c,   ML-1T              d,         ML-1T2

22.  ML-1T-2 is the dimension of

a,  force                b,         pressure
c,  momentum      d,         energy

23.  Which equation is not dimensionally correct?

(a)  E  = mc2
(b)  Vf = Vi + at
(c)  S  = Vt2
(d)  S  = 1/2at2

24.  Three students measured length of a needle with meter rod and recorded as:

(i)   0.2145m          (ii)        0.21m 
(iii) 0.214m

25,  Which one is correct record?
a,   only (i)             b,         only (ii)
c,   only (iii)           d,         both (i) and (ii)

26.  Which one is the dimensionally correct equation?

a,   f = vt
b,   S = Vit+1/2at2
c,   V = St
d,   V= f/t

27.  A metal sphere of radius r is dropped into a tank of water. As it sinks at speed v, it experiences a drag force F given by F = kr v, where k is a constant. What are the SI base units of k?

a,   kg m2 s–1        b,         kg m–2s–2
c,   kg m–1s–1       d,         kg m s–2

28,  Wave theory of light was presented by:

a    Newton                        b,         Maxwell
c,   Compton          d,         Huygens

29,  Einstein presented his famous theory of relativity in:

a,   1975                b,         1955
c,   1905                d,         1805

20,  Muslims in the early ages translated science books into Arabic from which language?

a,   English             b,         Spanish
c,   French             d,         Greek

31,  Al-Beruni determined

a,   Area of the moon
b,   Circumference of earth
c,   Modern electronics
d,   Radioactivity

32,  The unit of Luminous Intensity is:

a,   cadela              b,         candela
c,   cdanela                        d,         caladela

33,  Which of the following is SI base unit?

a,   gram                b,         slug
c,   Newton                        d,         Kilogram

34,  Which one of the following shows only unit of length:

a,   Ao , kg, gm       b,        M, m3 , s
c,   Ao km , m        d,        Gm, m2, deci-m

35,  Meter is defined as the distance traveled by light in vacuum in:

a,   1 second
b,   299792458 second
c,   1/299792458 second
d,   165076373 second

36,  The dimensions of stain are

a,   [MLT2]            b,         [ML-2T]
c,   [Mo Lo To]         d,         [M-1L-1T-1]

37,  Which of the following physical quantities is represented by dimensions M-1 L1 T2

a,   gravitational constant G
b,   coulombs constant
c,   young,s modulus
d,   plank,s constant

38,  The dimension of angular velocity is:

a,   A. Mo Lo K-1                     b,         ML2 L-1 K
c,   Mo Lo K-1                            d,         T-1

39,  One mile is equal to:

a,   1699m             b,         1799 m
c,   1809 m                        d,         1609m

40,  1 mc3=

a,   0.01 mc3             b,            1000 mm3
c,   0.001 m3          d,         100 cm3


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