October 22, 2012

Spinning of a Cricket ball

       The first axis is vertical pointing towards sky. 
    A ball that spins about vertical axis will deflect in air to left or right and there is no deflection when it bounces 


  The second axis points along the pitch towards the batsman when cricket ball spins or about this axis.
    It does not deflect in air, but deflects sharply towards left or right after the bounce.
      By dropping the spinning ball vertically we can notice this change. 

       The third axis is across or perpendicular to pitch. Spinning the ball about third axis results in top spin or back spin.
    A Top spin ball dives towards the pitch faster and bounces at reduced angle since it kicks forward when it bounces.

                     A back spin ball kicks up after it bounces, causing the ball to slow down. The actual result depends on both the amount of spin and angle of incidence. 


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